Episode 14: Taking the Leap to Start Your Business with Adam Kaplan

It's scary to take the leap of faith and start your own business, no matter how excited you are to pursue your passion. Our guest, Adam Kaplan, left a comfortable job at his father's company to do just that - so today he's sharing that journey.

Adam Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Solera Senior Living, a platform for the development and operation of luxury communities for seniors. Adam joins us to talk about his strategies at Solera, the importance of networking and strategic partnerships, and why he left his father's company to build his own. 

Solera focuses on building innovative, luxury communities that seniors truly want to live in - complete with food service, transportation, and engaging resident programs. Adam talks about why Solera's emphasis on retaining great talent within the company produces a better experience for employees and senior residents alike.

Adam and I also talk about the more technical aspects of his business, including his three-part approach to rapid growth. Adam also talks about the tenacity required by young entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles, and why meeting other professionals is essential to his strategy. We also touch on how he maintains balance among all the busyness in order to be a well-rounded father, CEO, and person. 


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three pieces of Solera's business plan that have propelled its rapid growth.
  • Why Adam thinks finding, developing, and engaging talent is one of the keys to success.
  • How reaching out to other professionals and widening his circle helps Adam refine his ideas. 
  • The strategy Adam used when confronted with potentially hurtful comments about his youth or inexperience. 
  • Why you shouldn't wait for "the right time" to launch your business.

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