Episode 11: Running a Successful Mission-Driven Startup with Scott Moody

Today on The BOOST Podcast, I get to chat with serial entrepreneur Scott Moody! Scott has enjoyed an illustrious career as a tech genius in the startup world. Now, he’s combining his skills with a heart for serving an overlooked demographic as the CEO of K4Connect.

Scott was the CEO and Co-founder of AuthenTec, a leading provider of fingerprint sensor and security solutions. AuthenTec was eventually acquired by Apple. After swearing off startups, he took the plunge again by creating a mission-driven tech startup that focused on the needs of older adults and people living with disabilities. He recognized that technology solutions which help this population live an independent lifestyle were severely limited.

We talk about his approach to creating an encore career and why he felt compelled to return to the startup world after an inspiring encounter in Rwanda. Running a startup is a team effort and Scott shares his approach to finding the right team and cultivating an environment that produces results. Scott has a wealth of knowledge to share and a great perspective on how to help make the world a better place through mission-driven entrepreneurship. 


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three things Scott wants us to know about K4Connect.
  • How both of his startup experiences compare, even though their target audiences and missions are completely different.
  • Why he decided to go back into the startup world after selling AuthenTec to Apple.
  • How to hire the right team and give them the space to use their strengths.
  • Why he decided to focus on serving the demographics of senior citizens and people living with disabilities.

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