Episode 16: Breaking Into a Dope Industry (Literally) with Justin Lee

Our featured guest today is a big name in one of the toughest industries in the country: the production and sale of marijuana.

Justin Lee is the founder of The Honey Cellar, a leading recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. While he had a long road to entrepreneurship, Justin has become incredibly passionate about the ins and outs of running his own business and promoting greater education about cannabis products.

Justin joins us to talk about some of the biggest challenges he faces as a business owner in such a tightly-regulated industry. He shares some of the mistakes he sees fellow entrepreneurs making in Colorado and across the country as the market for legal marijuana widens, and discusses the many intricacies of growing and selling cannabis. 

As a chronic pain sufferer himself, Justin has become most passionate about exploring medical applications of marijuana. He works with other former athletes, including former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, to build awareness of products that manage pain with lower risk of addiction (as often happens with opiates). Justin also talks about how to get creative with advertising a product that's largely illegal to market and how he's embedded himself in the cannabis culture.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The toughest challenges of being in the legal marijuana business and Justin's entrepreneurial advice.
  • How lobbying by other industries affects Justin's business. 
  • How legal marijuana could be a revolutionary treatment for those dealing with chronic pain, and how Justin's business aims to support this work. 
  • The future of the cannabis industry.
  • Three of Justin's most important and successful tactics for growing his business in a highly-regulated, competitive market. 

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BOOST Bonus: 5 Ways To Break Into a Highly Regulated Industry

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