Episode 6: Owning Your Own Care with Kym Martin

I am thrilled to welcome my guest, Kym Martin, to The BOOST Podcast this week! Kym is a keynote speaker and founder of 360 Degree Insights, a strategic healthcare consulting firm.

Kym is also a 4-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed with cancer in her teens, twenties, thirties, and forties, it was important for Kym to turn her experience into a meaningful contribution to the healthcare industry. Armed with personal knowledge of patient psyche at the varying degrees of engagement, she works to help the industry better understand the needs of the patients.

This is a truly inspirational story of turning hardship into service to the world and I know you will join me in gratitude for Kym's work and inspiration for your own. 


Listen To The Full Episode:

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The different stages of patient engagement that Kym went through with each cancer diagnosis.
  • How taking control of her medical experience inspired Kym to start her own business.
  • The quality she learned as a cancer survivor that helps her as an entrepreneur.
  • Why saying yes to the "wrong" things early on is an important step in refining your message and brand.
  • Kym's best advice for other entrepreneurs.

Featured On The Show:

BOOST Bonus:  Kym's recommended reading list for personal and professional development:  

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