Do you have a feeling that more is possible for you?

Maybe you're happy enough (or perhaps completely miserable), but you just know you're meant for more...

The problem is you're not sure what you're meant for.  Or maybe you know, but you're not sure how to get there...

The Badass Professional Woman’s Code is a self-guided coaching program where you will learn HOW being more of yourself will accelerate your career + help you unleash the BADASS woman inside of you.

Are you ready to unlock your natural talents, cultivate your personal brand, and shift your relationship with self-care?

Are you ready to become more confident + elevate your executive presence so you can get what you want in your career FASTER, and with ease?


Then this course is your ticket to success!



10 Training Modules + Real-World Exercises And Assignments For Each Module

This is meant to be a self-paced program but we recommend completing one module per week and setting aside 10-12 weeks to complete the program at a comfortable pace.



It's REALLY hard to get clarity and take action to build the career of your dreams when you aren't feeling your best, showing up confidently, and asking for what you want.

I know because that was me five years ago.

I've taken what I learned in my 20 years in Corporate America, as an entrepreneur and coach, and created this program for BADASS women like yourself. (And yes, you’re already a badass! 😜)

You may just need a gentle nudge to see your TRUE potential and show up for the rest of the world.

If you're mid-career and have been putting in the hard work and building your expertise, but your career just isn't satisfying anymore and you feel stuck…

Then this program is for you.

This program is not based on textbook tactics. It’s tailored to your specific strengths, style, talents, and needs to help YOU become the badass professional woman you’re meant to be.

Once you commit to unlocking your inner badass, a world of possibilities will open up for you.  

I can't wait for you to see this!




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That’s the word that comes to my mind when I think about my work with the Badass Professional Woman’s Code and Elena Lipson.

The program’s content and assignments and Elena’s approach to facilitation led to insights that have helped me better understand my talents, develop strategies to address my fears, and, importantly, appreciate what makes me a confident, powerful badass woman.

The program resulted in focus and action on my part – I am more committed than I have been in some time to my goals as Elena helped me zero in on what I am looking to accomplish.

I am already seeing results. I highly recommend the Badass Professional Woman’s Code and the courageous, badass woman who created it!" 

— Marla Hetzel


"Elena’s Badass Professional Woman’s Code program was exactly the step I needed to take mid-career to strategically assess my next move.

Week by week, she worked with me to identify hidden strengths and areas where I could push for advancement and maximize my potential in my current role.  

Most importantly, while talking through my criteria for my next position, she helped to uncover new opportunities for me to leverage my skills in ways I didn’t think were possible.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a push out of their comfort zone to realize what a true badass they are."

 — Lauren W.



Learn to unlock your natural talents + your inner BADASS so that you’re putting forth less effort + getting 10 times the results.


Assess how you’re currently taking care of your physical and mental health. Define what you need to be at the TOP of your game + develop a regular plan for self-care that includes diet, exercise, and mental health.


Build your confidence and executive presence by understanding what’s holding you back. Unleash the BADASS woman inside to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.


Identify and silence the internal dialogue and self-doubt going on in your head that’s telling you that you’re not ready to lead, not enough of an expert, or not good enough.


Get to know your inner mentor or your future self - the woman you will become in 20 years.  This woman will be the North Star that helps to quell your INNER CRITIC and guide you to play bigger + follow your vision.


Cultivate your personal brand, and go far beyond your “likability” quotient. Learn your personal style, how to communicate your value to impact the way others perceive you, and attract opportunities.


Get comfortable with self-promotion and putting yourself and your gifts out there. Develop a succinct elevator pitch, a compelling LinkedIn profile, and actionable strategies you can employ to build thought leadership, exposure, and respect.  


Explicitly define what it is that you want in your career in the short- and long-term. Create a map that offers several acceptable paths to get you to your ULTIMATE TARGET.


Develop a short- and long-term plan to ask for what you want... AND get it! Think through and plan for different scenarios. Conduct industry and market research, and learn effective negotiation strategies + conversation tactics so you are prepared, confident, and calm for your negotiation.


Build your personal roadmap to accelerate your career goals via a 90-day Action Plan and 6-month Strategic Plan. This includes realistic milestones so you have a CLEAR path to achieving your professional goals, and show up as a BADASS professional woman in a way that is congruent with WHO YOU ARE.




  • Greater joy and satisfaction from your career

  • Increased empowerment, responsibility for, and authority of your career and desires

  • A faster transformation with LESS EFFORT

  • A deep understanding of your talents + value and how to leverage them

  • The confidence to face your fears, quell limiting beliefs and step outside your comfort zone

  • A compelling personal brand, greater visibility, and tools to help you show up powerfully

  • A self-care plan to look and feel your best to ensure your personal development supports your professional development

  • Less stress and overwhelm

  • Negotiation strategies to get the promotion, raise and respect you deserve

  • A clear vision of what you want in your career + a plan to get you there QUICKLY



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After spending 15 years in Corporate America, I became an Executive Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, to be the mentor for women that I had needed as I broke free from climbing the corporate ladder.

I'm here to help badass professional women like you see that more is possible and to support you in building a life you will love, not just one you will tolerate.

Through each of my programs, I empower women to take control of their careers and build professional lives that are congruent with their personal aspirations and natural talents.