Motivation is the foundation of creativity, productivity, and happiness.  It causes us to take action and create growth and change.  Doing this gives our life purpose and meaning.  

When we’re unmotivated, it doesn’t feel good.  Demotivation can be a general feeling and it can be hard to uncover the root cause.  The different symptoms or causes of demotivation require different approaches to bring your motivation back.

Often, the tried-and-true strategies of setting goals, pushing harder and building in more accountability don’t work and can cause even less motivation. 

Being able to categorize your demotivation can help you identify the real reasons for your resistance.  From there, it’s possible to implement the right strategies to help you get motivated again.

Using the Motivation Manager, you can learn about the 10 types of demotivation and identify which ones resonate with you.   Each category has a short exercise to help you identify what’s really causing your demotivation and overcome whatever is keeping you stuck.

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