I spent much of my career (15 years!) driving transformational initiatives for established organizations including the federal government, a Big 4 consulting firm and one of the largest non-profits.  While the work was designed to drive real change and create new ways of doing business, I often showed up as a watered-down version of myself and played smaller than I would’ve liked. 

After years of hard work and a concerted effort to conform to corporate culture, I realized it wasn’t where I did my best work.  Sure, I was adept at following the rules, building the right relationships and playing my part on the teams I led and supported. But I really provided the most value when I created the rules and pushed organizations and people to think differently.

So, in 2015, I hung out my shingle and Mosaic Growth Partners was born.  

I set out to create a firm that helps my clients show up differently in the market and their careers and crush their growth targets. 

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  Elena Lipson, Principal and founder

Elena Lipson, Principal and founder

What Clients Are Saying

  Alex Farcet

Alex Farcet

"We engaged Mosaic Growth Partners to support a 6-month start-up scouting engagement for a venture management firm interested in identifying potential partners and acquisitions.

Elena managed a worldwide team of analysts in the U.S., Europe and Asia to identify and evaluate hundreds of start-up and emerging companies in digital health, pain management, and digestive health. The client had particularly stringent criteria for start-up prospects and the task was exceptionally challenging.

Elena did an excellent job managing the dispersed team, providing her subject matter expertise to the client and communicating and delivering the final product."

— Alex Farcet, Partner, Rainmaking Innovation

  Manisha sharma, M.D.

Manisha sharma, M.D.

"I don't consider myself a 'scaredy cat' or a 'fearful' person.  But I realized after reading Elena’s blog on 7 Things Badass Professional Women Don't Do, that I wasn't as 'badass' as I wanted or needed to be.  I forgot myself.  So I picked up a phone, and called Elena.  

Working with Elena got me back to myself.  My job wasn't valuing me.  I wasn't valuing me.  And if I can't value me, I can't put value into my family.  My son.  My man.  My life.  Elena helped me see me again.  

I am forever grateful.  With her help 1:1, I quit a job that undervalued me and really didn't care or serve me or my abilities.  Elena also showed me highly effective negotiation tactics that helped me land a significant pay increase in a new job. This new job lets me shine, sharpen my skills and accepts the parts that are 'works in progress,' in a much more nurturing environment.  Elena helped me realize not only my potential, but my natural 'badass' skills, and was my best cheerleader.  

What I got out of working with Elena:  Self preservation.  Breakthroughs around made-up fears.  Self-value.  Catalyst to be the Badass I truly am."  

— Manisha Sharma, M.D.

Want To Hear More From Me?

I’m the host of The BOOST Podcast, a podcast where I interview entrepreneurs, athletes and healthcare professionals to hear their stories of professional and personal growth and how they maintain their physical and mental health.

I’ve also been on the other end of the microphone on a number of occasions, where I dive deeper into my professional journey and how I built my business around my life, as well as strategies professional women can employ to get what they want from their careers.

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