Mosaic Growth Partners provides facilitation and coaching services to individuals and emerging and established organizations. Our programs are designed to equip you with and guide you through processes and frameworks to help you grow your business and career with a clearer vision and a sound strategy.


We conduct in-person workshop facilitation and training to help your team define its growth strategy and develop a roadmap for execution.

We have led trainings and workshops on the following topics:

  • New business model generation and innovation
  • Growth strategy
  • Trends in digital health and the Longevity Economy
Laurent Guinand

Laurent Guinand

"Elena expertly facilitated several workshops for our client and leveraged her expertise in healthcare and aging to help them think through new business models, a partner strategy and a roadmap to execute on next steps. She was able to manage different personalities and viewpoints and help drive the team towards consensus. At the end of the three days, our client was very satisfied and specifically praised Elena for her insights and guidance."

— Laurent Guinand, Principal, Strategy and Innovation, North Highland

We offer individual and group coaching and advisory services for two types of clients:

  • Entrepreneurs and businesses looking for growth strategies, including bringing new products and services to market, identifying and engaging new customers and partners and growing market share.
  • Professional women who want the promotion, raise and respect they deserve in their career and a sustainable self-care plan.

We tailor all individual coaching and advisory services to your specific needs.

Our next group coaching program, The Badass Professional Woman's Code, starts January 31, 2018. For more information, click here.





To learn more about our 1:1 and group coaching programs, sign up for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

Katherine M.

Katherine M.

"I loved working 1:1 with Elena as I went through a recent career transition. Elena helped me hone in on my strengths and take a broader view of my talents to explore new roles that I wouldn't have considered on my own.  She also shared negotiation and interview prep strategies with me, which were incredibly helpful during my job search. Within six weeks of working with Elena, I had a different perspective on my abilities and potential, and a new job!”

— Katherine M.


Elena Lipson is available to speak at your upcoming conference or event.  Recent speaking engagements have included workshops on business model generation, The Blueprint for the Longevity Economy and transportation for family caregivers.


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