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I became an Executive Coach for women after observing that most high-performing women have common experiences and challenges that hold them back from their full potential professionally and personally.  I noticed that too many of my incredibly smart, successful, hard-working friends and colleagues were stuck, unhappy, overworked or overlooked in their careers.

I knew this was more than just women hitting the glass ceiling, although that is certainly part of it. 

I knew this because not too long ago, I WAS one of these women. 

I spent 15 years in Corporate America in male-dominated environments where I worked my ass off, successfully played office politics and made personal sacrifices to get the coveted seat at the leadership table.  (For more on my story, click here).

In the end though, that wasn't enough for me.  I found myself burnt out, unhappy and unsure of what to do next.  I tried getting advice from mentors and trusted colleagues, but those conversations didn't help me get any further clarity.  In fact, I felt like they didn't understand me.  No one believed that I couldn't possibly want what I had worked so hard for.

But just because I was good at my job did not mean it was the right fit for me. 

I spent TWO YEARS wondering what I should do. 

TWO YEARS deferring a promotion I didn't want. 

For TWO YEARS my employer tried different tactics to keep me engaged and motivated - from giving me more responsibility, to switching teams, to carving out a special role for me that would give me some temporary work-life balance. 

But none of these things mattered to me - something was still off. 

During this time, I never knew that a coach could provide the support, facilitation and partnership I needed to move forward in my career and create a life I loved.  If I had known that, I wouldn't have spent TWO YEARS trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why I couldn't just be happy with my professional success.

And THAT is why I became a coach certified by the International Coach Federation. 

I'm here to help badass professional women like you see that more is possible and to support you in building a life you will love, not just one you will tolerate.


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