Our business growth strategy solutions can
help you:

  • Identify and target the right customers, markets, products, services and channels
  • Determine the most effective business model for your product or service
  • Articulate and deliver a meaningful, differentiated value proposition to attract customers and partners
  • Develop a partnership strategy that will engage the best strategic partners
  • Close deals

Mosaic Growth Partners' business growth strategy solutions are based on proven tools and frameworks to help our clients focus on the right customers and markets, simplify their go-to-market approach and maximize consumer and partner engagement in the digital health and aging space.

  Agha Ahmed

Agha Ahmed

"Mosaic Growth Partners was the literally the biggest thing last year that really transformed my business, and I couldn't be happier with it. I would highly recommend you give Mosaic Growth Partners a try."  

—Agha A. Ahmed, Netspective EasyRyde, Founder

Specific solutions include:


  • New business model design
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business development support, including:
    • Pipeline development and management
    • Lead generation and prospecting
    • Pitch and proposal development
    • Deal negotiation
  Mary Furlong

Mary Furlong

"I have worked closely with Elena over the past two years and she has expertly closed numerous sponsorship deals for my annual conferences. She is one of my favorite 'reverse mentors' - I always learn from her and have had her as a guest speaker for my class of young leaders at Santa Clara University. Elena is a strategic thinker and a 'doer'; she’s analytical before embarking on a task, always meets deadlines and is consistent and reliable.”

— Mary Furlong, CEO at Mary Furlong & Associates and Dean’s Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University

Problems we solve:

When entrepreneurs, non-profits and established commercial organizations come to Mosaic Growth Partners for help, these are some of the common challenges and problems we help them solve. 

We need paying customers... ASAP.
We aren’t sure which partners are going to provide new distribution channels.
We have a great product, but we haven’t been able to launch a pilot or attract customers.
Our market has a lot of similar products and we’re having trouble standing out.
Everyone loves our solution, but no one wants to pay for it.