The Badass Breakthrough Program  

A transformational 1:1 coaching experience with Elena Lipson for the badass professional woman who wants more.  


  • Tired of feeling stuck, burnt out, under-appreciated or overlooked in your career?
  • Done tolerating your job?
  • Feeling like you've lost part of who you are and aren't taking good care of yourself?
  • Desiring to feel more confident and in control and have it all be easier?
  • Overwhelmed trying to keep up the pace at work and your personal life?


  • A mid-career or executive professional woman who's smart as hell, hard-working and has clear expertise
  • Ready to explore what's really possible for you professionally, break out of your comfort zone and achieve true transformation
  • Willing to dig deep to reverse limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • Excited to commit to showing up more visibly and powerfully and making changes to how you communicate and operate
  • Confident that it's your time to shine and bring your inner badass back to life


True transformation. Personal and professional breakthroughs. Real growth and new possibilities.

By working 1:1 and partnering with you, I will help you:

  • Build a more satisfying, joyful and rewarding career that includes purpose and meaningful work that lights you up 
  • Cultivate true confidence and executive presence so you can show up powerfully with your unique voice
  • Quiet the limiting beliefs, money blocks and Inner Critic that may be holding you back
  • Earn the respect and pay you deserve 
  • Achieve more balance and set boundaries
  • Develop better self-care habits
  • Navigate office politics and banish BS tactfully and diplomatically
  • Cultivate greater emotional intelligence to build lasting relationships


  • 24 1:1 coaching sessions with Elena mixed with training, mentoring and consulting for support and accountability
    • Four sessions per month
    • All sessions are recorded 
  • Customized work in between sessions
  • Unlimited email support




"I don't consider myself a 'scaredy cat' or a 'fearful' person.  But I realized after reading Elena’s blog on 7 Things Badass Professional Women Don't Do, that I wasn't as 'badass' as I wanted or needed to be.  I forgot myself.  So I picked up a phone, and called Elena.  

Working with Elena got me back to myself.  My job wasn't valuing me.  I wasn't valuing me.  And if I can't value me, I can't put value into my family.  My son.  My man.  My life.  Elena helped me see me again.  

I am forever grateful.  With her help 1:1, I quit a job that undervalued me and really didn't care or serve me or my abilities.  Elena also showed me highly effective negotiation tactics that helped me land a significant pay increase in a new job. This new job lets me shine, sharpen my skills and accepts the parts that are 'works in progress,' in a much more nurturing environment.  Elena helped me realize not only my potential, but my natural 'badass' skills, and was my best cheerleader.  

What I got out of working with Elena:  Self preservation.  Breakthroughs around made-up fears.  Self-value.  Catalyst to be the Badass I truly am."  

— Manisha Sharma, M.D.


  Katherine M.

Katherine M.

"I loved working 1:1 with Elena as I went through a recent career transition. Elena helped me hone in on my strengths and take a broader view of my talents to explore new roles that I wouldn't have considered on my own.  She also shared negotiation and interview prep strategies with me, which were incredibly helpful during my job search. Within six weeks of working with Elena, I had a different perspective on my abilities and potential and a new job!”"

— Katherine M.


  Tanjina S.

Tanjina S.

"I worked with Elena to help me get clarity on career progression, as my organization is going through a growth and transition period. My 1:1 sessions with Elena helped me evaluate the various options and Elena asked some tough questions that made me assess career options differently. Elena gave me some concrete tools to use that helped narrow down career paths and we also worked on a potential pitch to my new manager. She also used a personality assessment tool that not only honed in on my core attributes but also provided ready-to-use branding tips to aid in my pitch of capabilities and what I have to offer."

— Tanjina S.


  Kelli Preston

Kelli Preston

"Elena was a tremendous help in excavating the underlying issue behind why I was feeling ALL THE OVERWHELM and crazy strapped for time, yet I had no financial proof to support my busyness or business.  Since working with Elena I created new services that better reflect my best efforts and time.  I have also started to attract the clients that I work best with.  As a result, I feel like my business is starting to fit again (it was getting a wee bit too tight).  Uncovering these nuggets about myself is bringing far more ease to the way I run my business and because I got to the root of what was going on, I have awareness around preventing such things from creeping back into my business.  Elena delivers the perfect mixture of compassion, directness and strategy to create measurable results." 

— Kelli Preston, Brand Strategist, Website Designer and Content Creator at Hey, I'm Kelli


"Elena was a great coach to work with. I decided to start my own company months ago and it wasn’t until I hired Elena that I actually started it. She encouraged me and pushed me to do it! She believed in me and what I wanted to do and asked me tough questions that forced me to get clear on what I wanted. If I didn’t hire her, I don’t know if I would be where I am today. I cannot thank her enough. I look forward to connecting with Elena in a few months to see where she can help me next." 

— Kathleen Feeney


"Elena helped me reposition myself and enter a new field in record time. She guided me through a process of identifying my key strengths and then used her creativity and obvious intelligence to help me shape a winning elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile and renewed confidence in my abilities. Thank you, Elena!"

— Karen


The investment for this transformational 6-month 1:1 coaching program is $5,500. Payment plans are available.