Squash The Imposter in You

Imposter syndrome is something I've seen plague most women at one time or another, even the most confident ones. 

I know this firsthand. 

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For me, mine creeps in when I'm asked to speak publicly.  I've always gotten nervous public speaking so fear is part of it.  But sometimes, I hear the voice in the back of my head asking, "Do you really know enough to speak on this topic or be on a panel with these other experts?"

Rationally, I know this doubt is silly.  The person who asked me to speak already thinks I'm qualified - that's why they want me there. 

But imposter syndrome isn't rational.  

And sometimes we don't even realize we have it.

Here are some indicators that imposter syndrome may be lurking inside of you:

  • You work hard, REALLY hard.  You may think you have to work that hard, but I'm willing to bet you work so hard because of some insecurity - that you aren't good enough, don't know enough, or aren't talented enough. 😠
  • You don't ask for the salary you deserve.  Since no one has offered you more money, you must not be worth it right?  WRONG.  Most organizations and businesses aren't going to proactively pay you more than they have to.  It's up to you to be confident enough to know your worth and ask for it. 🙋
  • You shy away from opportunities to stand out and increase your visibility.  You tell yourself you aren't qualified enough to do something that may be out of your comfort zone.  Or you're worried that you'll be exposed as a fraud and everyone will realize you actually don't know that much or aren't that good at your job.  But is that really true? 😳
  • You feel weird accepting praise.  When someone praises you, your instinct is to downplay your accomplishment, say you "got lucky," or give the credit to your team or someone else.  You don't think you're special or exceptionally talented; anyone who tells you otherwise must just be being nice. 👎

It's easy to see how imposter syndrome can you hold back and seriously limit your career opportunities. 

It's harder to learn how to squash it.

In my digital coaching program, The Badass Professional Woman's Code, we get to the root of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the most confident, badass professional woman. 

In my program, I show you how to silence your Inner Critic and tune in and listen to your Inner Mentor, helping you kill the imposter lurking inside of you. We work together to build your confidence and executive presence and implement strategies to help you get more visible. 

I also want to offer you a freebie so you can start to banish the imposter in you right away.  Check out my Context Buster to break up the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back from being the most confident, badass version of you.