Episode 9: Fitness and Networking Collide with The fitCene Founders

This week I'm playing host to the three fabulous founders of fitCene, a Washington DC-based fitness network. Mary Jo Slidell, Lauren Rice, and Jill Wiener are lifetime exercise lovers, longtime friends, and mothers - and a year ago they joined forces to establish the fitness business they were looking for.

Mary Jo, Lauren and Jill wanted to create a way for women who were looking for workout buddies, new classes, and accountability to connect. This inspired the fitCene, which in its first year hosted over 50 events at local studios, parks, and restaurants for women bonding over fitness. 

In this episode, the women behind fitCene talk about the purposefully slow growth of the project and how they've adopted a new work-life balance. They also talk about the family-centeredness of the business, since they're trying to make working out and socializing easier for busy moms as well as women without kids. On the whole, these ladies are super-inspiring - don't miss this! 


Listen To The Full Episode:

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The top three things you should know about fitCene and how it works.
  • How Mary Jo, Lauren and Jill identified the need for fitCene and made it happen. 
  • The tactics fitCene has used to grow its reach and membership widely over the past year.
  • Why fitCene is so focused on partnering with local businesses, instructors, and families. 
  • How the founders and many other women of fitCene balance busy family lives with health, exercise, and socializing.
  • Their top motivational tip for getting yourself to work out or try something new.


Featured On The Show:

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