Episode 5: Bringing Real Solutions to Real Problems with Michael Ly

My featured guest today is serial CFO and entrepreneurial accounting professional, Michael Ly. Michael has gone from comptroller to CFO over his career and now leads two firms that he started, Reconciled It and Burlington CFO.

On this episode of The BOOST Podcast, Michael discusses the importance of creating a business that solves a real problem and how that idea led to his transition from a comfortable CFO job to building his own consulting practice.

Michael has a lot of great insight into what it takes to start a successful, and useful, business. You won't want to miss his simple, yet powerful, advice on which quality you should focus on developing that will transform your business.


Listen To The Full Episode:

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What you need to know about online bookkeeping.
  • How his family's background shaped his entrepreneurial journey.
  • Where Michael sees online bookkeeping going in the future and how professionals will have to adapt.
  • The importance of learning what the market actually needs versus just having a great, but untested, idea.
  • How building a good reputation in everything you do transcends into business.
  • The top quality Michael has developed over the past ten years that he suggests you do, as well.

Featured On The Show:

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