Episode 40: The LivWell Health Series: Digitizing Tedious Paper-Based Workflows and Referrals in a Large Health Care System with Sharie Torres

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Today’s featured guest is Sharie Torres. Sharie is a Registered Nurse from Hawaii and has worked in a large healthcare system there for 20 years. She acts as a Utilization Manager and has witnessed first-hand how technology has helped one of the largest providers in the nation improve their workflow and referral management processes.

As health systems increasingly make the transition from paper-based processes to digitized solutions, they experience common challenges. Today's podcast explores how Sharie and her team have integrated new technology into their workflow.  She outlines the challenges and benefits, and offers advice for coordinators who are considering digitizing their paper-based workflows. 


Listen to the Show:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Three things we should know about being a Utilization Manager.
  • The role of data and technology in improving care transitions.
  • How LivWell Health helped Sharie and her team transition from paper-based processes and workflows to an efficient, digitized referral management solution.
  • The role of co-development between Sharie's team and LivWell Health.
  • Advice for care coordinators considering integrating technology into their workflows.

Featured On The Show:

  • Sharie Torres, Utilization Manager and Registered Nurse from Hawaii.
  • LivWell Health
BOOST Bonus: Case Study: A Utilization Manager’s Experience Digitizing Paper-Based Workflows and Referral Management Processes

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