Episode 38: The LivWell Health Series: One Caregiver’s Journey to Impact 1 Million Lives with Alex Go

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We are in for a treat with today’s featured guest, Alex Go. Alex is the CEO and Co-founder of LivWell Health, a technology-enabled service provider that assists seniors to live independently at home and also for families seeking assistance in their care. Their goal is to make caregiving easier for the 44 million Americans that are caring for older adults and special needs children. LivWell Health partners with senior service providers to expand the markets they serve with the goals of enhancing revenue and improving staff productivity.

Prior to starting LivWell Health, Alex had more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, sales and management consulting, and healthcare IT. He previously led Intel Health’s market development team in the US and Asia.  But despite spending two decades in healthcare, it was actually Alex’s personal experience that led him to start LivWell Health, and we are going to hear more about that on today’s episode. We’ll dive into LivWell Health’s focus on bridging the gap between home and community-based services and the opportunities provided by a growing caregiving market.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why LivWell Health established a B2B2C model to have the greatest impact.
  • How leveraging social determinants of health help impact avoidable mortalities.
  • The differences between Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL), and Skilled Nursing and why LivWell is most focused on IL and AL.
  • Why LivWell Health chose to co-develop with select partners over several years to demonstrate meaningful outcomes before fully launching their solution.

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BOOST Bonus: LivWell Health Case Study: Fall Prevention Pilot Program

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