Episode 33: Knowing Your Strengths and Buying Into the Idea of Change With Stephanie Goetsch

Today on the show we welcome Stephanie Goetsch. Stephanie is the founder of Spark Career Strategy, which she launched in 2010. What began as a dedicated career coaching for "what’s next" professionals, blossomed into organizational development and human resources consulting, career and performance coaching, and group training offerings. As the name suggests, Stephanie delivers both spark and strategy to each company and client that she works with. She’s a lover of change, whether it’s changing minds with learning, changing careers with career coaching, changing business with innovation and design, or changing behaviors with performance coaching. 

Prior to launching her own business, she held a number of human resource positions in different organizations, including US Pharmacopeia and Chevy Chase Bank. She’s also a passionate supporter of the US Military and in 2016 she founded Call to Action, which is a non-profit organization that delivers exceptional career transition strategies to US veterans and military spouses to successfully leverage their unique talents for civilian careers. 


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Key trends in career transitions and what types of opportunities the future workforce is looking for.
  • Why it's important to buy into the idea of change, even though it might be painful.
  • How to transform your business away from the “all-consuming” model and towards balance.
  • Why Stephanie founded Call to Action and how it supports the community.
  • How to grow your business by bootstrapping your way to the top.
  • The importance of knowing your limits and surrounding yourself with a great team.
  • The best way to transition from providing free services to having actual, paying clients. 
  • How to adopt the mindset of being comfortable promoting yourself. 
  • Why it's crucial to operate in your own “wheelhouse” and build on those skills. 

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