Episode 31: Turning Your Expertise Into A High-Ticket Business Coaching Program With Tony Teegarden

Today's featured guest is Tony Teegarden. Tony is an online marketing and lifestyle coach who works with coaches and experts, including me, to turn their expertise into high-ticket, online group coaching programs so they can leverage their time and enjoy life without being consumed by their business. His clients have generated millions in revenue over just a few short years, in dozens of niches. 

Tony has more than 20 years of sales experience, and his whole sales philosophy is based on serving your ideal prospect and providing value. He has a 100% happy client and result rate, in part because he only works with people who are open to the type of transformation that his program requires. I have benefited so much in the last few months from working with Tony so I knew I had to share his amazing expertise and my experience with all of you.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Three things to know about turning your expertise into a high-ticket coaching program.
  • Tony’s philosophy on encouraging others to sell big-ticket items.
  • Why people are more likely to invest highly when they are trying to eliminate pain.
  • The future trends for big-ticket programs in the coaching industry.
  • The level of expertise and hard work required to make a successful transformation.
  • How paying attention and listening well are the best ways to serve your ideal client.
  • Using the technique of a quiet launch to test and validate your product in the market.

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BOOST Bonus:  Diagnosing Your Prospects' Needs

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