Episode 30: Accelerating the Development of High-Potential Young Leaders With Carrie Rich

I am so fired up to introduce today’s featured guest, Carrie Rich. Carrie is the CEO and Co-founder of The Global Good Fund, which is built by and for social entrepreneurs. It was created in 2012 when Carrie was just 26 years old, based on the belief that growing leaders is the best strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good. The Global Good Fund leverages this vision by accelerating the development of high-potential young leaders through financial investment and by harnessing executive insights via a customized leadership development program. In 2017, over 24,000 high potential entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries applied for one of 12 fellowship positions with the Fund. 

Carrie wears a number of other hats as well, including published author and mentor-in-residence at GW University. She's also part of the faculty at GW and the Amani Institute in Kenya and a board member at several other organizations. Carrie's also won a number of honors, including the 2016 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the POLITICO Women Who Rule Award, the Washington Business Journal 40 Under 40, Entrepreneur.com Top 30 Startups to Watch, the Asian Social Innovation CEO of the Year, and others. The story of how the Global Good Fund came to be is truly amazing. 


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three things everyone should know about the Global Good Fund.
  • How the Global Good Fund came to be from $100 of lunch money.
  • How to establish an authentic mentor relationship.
  • The future of social entrepreneurship and the expanding international diversity.
  • Three tactics Carrie and the Global Good Fund team used to grow the business.
  • Accepting failure as a part of growing and learning in business.
  • Creating a supportive culture with a focus on both work and family. 

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Boost Bonus:  5 Tips for Finding and Keeping a Good Mentor

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