Episode 3: The Power of Events with Jenny Lannon

Welcome back to Episode 3 of The BOOST Podcast! Today, I am joined by my guest co-host, Matt Rothman, and our very special guest, Jennifer Lannon of the Miami start-ups dotHealth and BUILDING.

Jenny, also known as "HealthTechJen" on Twitter, shares some of her insight into the up-and-coming health tech scene down in Miami and how she's helping to drive that growth.

As a young person in the health tech world, Jenny offers an optimistic and high-energy approach to some of the unique challenges that face Miami, now and in the future. If you're interested in the health tech scene, Jenny has some great advice on how to make your mark.

Join us today and learn the valuable lessons of a young woman forging her place in the health tech industry.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The trends Jenny sees in the health-tech space in Miami.
  • Why Jenny sees opportunity rather than problems when considering Miami's specific challenges.
  • Advice for those of us who don't consider ourselves a "people person" when it comes to events.
  • Jenny's mantras that help her stay on track.
  • How having a co-founder, even if it's only for a side-project, is beneficial.

Featured On The Show:

BOOST Bonus:  How to Network Effectively at Events

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