Episode 26: How to Advise Start-ups and Find Your Product/Market Fit with Ben Foster

Today’s featured guest is Ben Foster. Ben is a full-time product advisor who’s currently working with over a dozen start-ups up and down the East Coast, through his firm, Foster Innovation. He has a top notch reputation amongst entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are eager to get his guidance as they scale their companies.

Previously, Ben was the VP of Product Management and User Experience at OPower, a company he helped lead to a $1 billion IPO and was later bought by Oracle. Ben started his career in the first big Internet boom and rose through the ranks at eBay in the early 2000’s and he hasn’t looked back since.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:  

  • The three things to know about working as an advisor to start-ups.
  • Why Ben coaches his clients to be product-driven rather than services-driven.
  • A good business model for working with early-stage start-up companies.
  • How Ben has built his business based mostly on referral and word-of-mouth.
  • Start-up do's and don'ts. 
  • Why it's critical to understand what your business is good at and how it really functions.
  • How Ben has separated himself from other advisors and sets professional boundaries to ensure quality work and enough personal time.

Featured On The Show:

BOOST Bonus:  Product/Market Fit: What it Really Means, How to Measure it, and Where to Find It

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