Episode 24: How to Channel a Successful Career into a Start-Up Venture With Jay Newton-Small

Today on the podcast we are delighted to welcome Jay Newton-Small. Jay is the co-founder of MemoryWell, which is an online platform that empowers caregivers to provide compassionate and empathetic care. They do this by having journalists tell the stories of people who can’t tell their own, which helps caregivers understand them and improve their quality of life. MemoryWell was launched in September of 2016, and it’s off to a really impressive start. Just a few weeks ago, in March 2017, Jay and her team took home the top prize of $130,000 in the Launch category at the Inaugural WeWork Awards. 


Prior to her life as a startup founder, Jay served as the Washington correspondent for Time Magazine and is also the author of Broad Influence: How Women are Changing the Way America Works. Jay has written about everything from Washington politics to foreign policy and national trends. She’s covered stories on five continents for Time from conflicts in the Middle East to the earthquake in Haiti, to the Scottish Independence Movement, and attacks in Paris. She has also covered the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns for Time, as well as Congress and the White House, and interviewed numerous heads of state, including Presidents Obama, and George W. Bush, along with senators, governors, and foreign dignitaries. She has written more than half a dozen Time cover stories and contributed to dozens of others. Jay is also still a regular contributor on MSNBC and CNN and continues to contribute to Time Magazine


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:  

  • Three things that everyone should know about MemoryWell.
  • How MemoryWell helps caregivers provide additional support and emotional care.
  • The role that technology plays in helping MemoryWell make an emotional connection.
  • What inspired Jay to write her book, Broad Influence.
  • How Jay determines how much time to devote to her original career as a journalist and author and her newer start-up venture.

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BOOST Bonus: Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers

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