Episode 2: Build Your Own Dream with Jenn Hing

Welcome to the second episode of The BOOST Podcast! My guest today is Jennifer Hing, CEO of the high-end event staffing company G of G Inc. Jenn is also the co-founder of Elle Power, a blog that inspires, motivates, and shares success stories of female entrepreneurs.

Today, we're talking about the freedom that comes from building your own dream, rather than someone else's, and how to push through the tough times that inevitably come at the beginning of starting your own business.

Listen in as Jenn shares her tips on how to stay grounded and true to yourself throughout your journey. Discover the freedom that comes with building your own dream.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 3 things you need to know about G of G Inc.
  • How and why Jenn strives to create partnerships rather than transactions.
  • The reason why Jenn decided to start her own business rather than continue working for someone else.
  • The approach Jenn used to get her own clients when she first started out.  
  • The inspiration for Elle Power. 
  • Jenn's thoughts on the freedom that entrepreneurship offers women.

Featured On The Show:

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