Episode 19: Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with Patrick Freuler

Today’s featured guest is Patrick Freuler, the founder, and CEO of Audicus, which offers high-tech, affordable hearing aids by selling them straight to consumers, online. Audicus is changing the way hearing loss is diagnosed and treated by providing remote hearing test solutions, which they do by offering free hearing test apps on desktops and iOS. This unique model is truly disrupting the hearing aid industry. In fact, it is so disruptive that Audicus has become the leading eCommerce retailer of hearing aids and has saved consumers more than $30 million to date.  

On top of that, Patrick recently pitched to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island alongside only a handful of companies in the Extreme Tech Challenge. Patrick was born in Switzerland but he was raised in and went to school in Brazil and Amsterdam. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and before Audicus he worked as a private equity healthcare investor at Bain Capital and also as a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey.

Patrick joins us today to talk about the three things that everyone should know about Audicus, including how they are streamlining the hearing aid acquisition process with a consumer- centric focus. He shares how Audicus is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry by taking a completely new approach and offering consumers an alternative to purchasing hearing aids. Patrick outlines exactly how they were able to grow Audicus by tapping into the tech- enabled, younger consumer segment with their unique business model. The press and word of mouth that the company received from this approach was what really put Audicus on the map.

Ultimately, Audicus is all about bringing people together by taking a consumer-based focus to their branding. Patrick also shares how they aim to educate their consumers to take healthcare decisions into their own hands to have a drastic improvement in their quality of life.


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Episode 19 Transcript: Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with Patrick Freuler


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three takeaways that everyone should know about Patrick’s company, Audicus.
  • How Patrick is steering Audicus to disrupt the hearing aid industry by providing consumers with an alternative channel to purchase.
  • The strategies Patrick used to grow Audicus, competing in two different customer segments and bypassing audiologists.
  • How to identify your ideal customer segments and how to uniquely market to each one.
  • What motivated Patrick to leave his prestigious positions in Corporate America and start his own company.
  • How Patrick finds balance within his work and personal life.

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