Episode 18: Leveraging Genuine Relationships for Explosive Career Growth with Daronte Jones

Today's featured guest, Daronte Jones, has experienced a meteoric rise in his career. He just finished his first season as an assistant defensive backs coach for the Miami Dolphins. Prior to his current post in the NFL, he was the defensive backs coach at the University of Wisconsin for one season, whose defensive squad was ranked number 2 in the Big Ten and number 7 nationwide. Before that, he spent three seasons at the University of Hawaii as an assistant coach. 

In this episode, Daronte talks about how he keeps up with the demanding schedule required in the coaching industry. Coaching at the collegiate or professional level is a high stakes career and winning is an all-important metric. This business requires long hours, especially during the season, and there is little room for making mistakes or slow progress. On top of all that, his career has required him to move constantly which can sacrifice relationships.

Daronte shares just what it's taken to ascend from a high school coach to the coaching staff of a professional football team. He's taken an indirect route, often against the advice of well-meaning colleagues, to accomplish his goal. Whether you're a fan of football or not, this is an intriguing conversation filled with practical advice for those looking to pursue their passion at all costs.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three things Daronte feels are key to being an NFL coach.
  • The sacrifices college and professional coaches make for their strenuous but fulfilling careers. 
  • Advice for those interested in coaching at the college and professional levels of football.
  • How he finds balance and self-care during the hectic schedule of the season.
  • Why nurturing relationships at all levels is important to your career.

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