Episode 15: Planning for Success & High-End Clientele with Ben Moss

Here on The BOOST Podcast, we often talk about how freeing entrepreneurship can be - but today's story is a little different.

Ben Moss is a luxury real estate specialist based in Miami, Florida who has repped dozens of athletes and entertainers in their transactions. Ben used to run his own business, but after he realized it was compromising his relationships, time, and enjoyment of the work, he decided to let it go. 

Ben is the East Coast Director of the Sports & Entertainment Division at Compass, allowing him the stability and flexibility to provide for clientele with unique needs. Ben shares much more than real estate wisdom in this interview, touching on everything from the importance of professionalism, to working with your spouse, to the benefits of quiet time personally and professionally. 

Ben talks about his journey from commercial real estate to serving high-end residential clients, and how the professionalism he learned on the commercial side gives him an edge today. He also speaks about his emphasis on forming strong relationships with clients and other people in the business. And together we discuss how reading, meditation, and learning to plan ahead helped Ben transform his life and business so he can be the best version of himself possible. 


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why working with athletes and entertainers is more challenging and less glamorous than people think. 
  • How the real estate industry is generally lagging behind technologically. 
  • Why Ben cautions against working with your spouse, unless you occupy completely separate roles. 
  • The important role that quiet time and time-blocking play in Ben's consistent happiness and success.
  • Why Ben encourages others to embrace change in our personal and professional lives, rather than fighting it.

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