Episode 12: Branding Yourself for Success with Suzie Ivelich

Today on The BOOST Podcast, I have an opportunity to talk with San Francisco-based branding expert Suzie Ivelich. Suzie provides tips on what we can do to brand ourselves both personally and professionally.

Working with a broad range of businesses and professionals, she has worked in the U.S. and abroad before starting her firm, Suzie Ivelich Consulting. She helps clients ensure that their target audiences understand what they stand for and what their business is all about.

We'll cover several topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Suzie shares how she left her corporate job to start her own firm and some great tips for getting started and not letting fear slow you down. There will be times when opportunities present themselves and making the right decision will be pivotal. Suzie talks about how she approached those experiences and how entrepreneurs can best leverage these vital windows of time.  


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      What You'll Learn From This Episode:

      • The three things Suzie wants us to know about branding.
      • How she helps clients identify both short and long-term metrics to measure success with branding results.
      • The methodical approach she uses to determine whether a branding change is in order.
      • Common misconceptions people have concerning the power of branding.
      • What some of the more recent changes are in the cycle of brand development.
      • How she branded herself and seized an opportunity to start her own firm and attract the first clients.

      Featured On The Show:

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