Episode 10: Be True to You with Ashley Tobias

Today on The BOOST Podcast, I get to chat with the supremely talented and kind Ashley Tobias! Ashley is a triple threat, having made a career as a broadway star, public speaker, and backup singer.

Ashley's innate ability to connect with children inspired her interactive anti-bullying assembly series, Be True to You. BTTY uses pop-rock to teach kids about how to combat bullying, build confidence, and learn about teamwork.

Her creativity has meant Ashley is never lacking for ideas, but she's had to learn how to balance her life and her work just like the rest of us. Ashley and I talk about how she takes care of herself despite being so busy, how her childhood inspired BTTY, and why meditation is one of her most-valued tools.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The most important things you should know about Be True to You, Ashley's interactive, anti-bullying assembly series for kids.
  • Why Ashley didn't feel fulfilled by only working on Broadway, and how she's used her creativity to impact more people than ever before.
  • Why Ashley's childhood and adoption made her passionate about helping kids feel confident.
  • How Ashely got forty (!) kids to lie down and meditate - and enjoy it!
  • Ashley's practices for maintaining a healthy balance between work and life.

Featured On The Show:

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