4 Ways To Bounce Back After You Take a Hit

It's inevitable that you'll hit some bumps in your career from time to time.

Sometimes you're at fault. Other times you're the victim. 

Either way, these experiences have the potential to undermine your confidence and stall your growth.

I'm talking about things like:

  • An embarrassing mistake or failure

  • Getting laid off, fired or not getting the promotion or job you want

  • An argument with a colleague or boss

  • Harassment or discrimination

  • Being talked down to or criticized

  • Regularly comparing yourself or being compared to others

Often, these experiences bring out your Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic is that harsh voice of self-doubt in your head.

It's the voice that plays a highlight reel of your screw-ups, much like a broken record.

It's the voice that blames you for what went wrong.

It's the voice that sees everything in black and white. 

It's both irrational and persistent.

So what can you do to build yourself back up after a professional setback has your mind playing tricks on you?

  1. Re-Focus On Your Natural Talents - Remember what you're good at and the unique strengths you bring to your career. Remind yourself of your past wins, particularly in tough situations. Identify some affirmations and repeat them daily. Positive self-talk can be a good buffer during challenging times.

  2. Keep Things In Perspective - Keep your emotional response in proportion to the situation and work to manage your self-doubt. Most likely, it's not a life-or-death situation or the worst case scenario. Take a break to de-stress and do something you enjoy; this can help you re-group, repair your ego, re-ignite your creativity and figure out what really matters. 

  3. Reflect And Then Let It Go - Think about what you learned from the situation and what you can do differently next time. Then forgive yourself and others from any mistakes. Don't beat yourself up; practice self-compassion and move on. 

  4. Plan Your "Comeback" - Visualize what success looks like and create an approach to make it happen. Start small and make note of these initial wins. Let them fuel your growth and re-build your confidence and continue to expand upon them.

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💃 You don't have to let some setbacks and self-doubt keep you down. Take back control of your story and move forward with confidence. 💃