The American Dream

Any time you try something new that is out of your comfort zone, you are going to be scared and have some self-doubt.  For me, that’s exactly how I felt about launching my podcast, The BOOST Podcast.  I had no experience as a podcaster and I wasn’t sure I could hack it.  My success as a podcaster is still TBD, but I am lucky – I have had the opportunity to work incredibly hard and I am blessed to be part of a community that is allowing and encouraging me to build this new venture.  

Isn’t this what The American Dream is really about?  It’s the idea that we all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  It’s the notion that we all deserve an opportunity to live our best life and achieve prosperity through hard work.

I am just one small example of The American Dream.  The first 10 episodes of my podcast feature many others.  What’s interesting about these first 10 episodes is that the majority of them feature inspirational stories from women and minorities. 

This was completely unintentional and I hadn’t even noticed it until a close friend of mine pointed it out to me.  She made me realize that it’s even more important to share these stories, given all that is going on in America and the potential changes taking place that will affect millions of women, minorities, and really, all Americans.

So if you haven’t done so already, please check out these episodes.  These guests exemplify the amazing women and minorities in our country who embody what it means to live The American Dream.

Jenn Hing is the 30-year old CEO G of G Inc., a high-end staffing firm with 5,000 employees and the co-founder of Elle Power, a blog that inspires, motivates, and shares success stories of female entrepreneurs.


Jenny Lannon is a young entrepreneur leading the growth of the health tech scene in Miami through her roles at BUILDING, a co-working space, dotHealth, and Health 2.0.


Michael Ly is the son of immigrants and a serial CFO and entrepreneurial accounting professional who founded two companies, Reconciled It, an online bookkeeping and advisory service, and Burlington CFO.


Kym Martin is a 4-time cancer survivor who uses her experience as a patient to own her care and build a business to help the industry better understand the needs of the patients.


Tiffany Houser is a health and lifestyle coach (and a kick-ass SoulCycle instructor) who has owned several businesses and helps other busy professionals find happiness and take care of themselves.


Param Jaggi is the 22-year old CEO of Hatch, a code-free, mobile app-builder.  He is also the son of Indian immigrants; his upbringing shaped his passion for changing the accessibility of technology.


The fitCene founders, Mary Jo Slidell, Lauren Rice, and Jill Wiener, are lifetime exercise lovers, longtime friends, and mothers.  A year ago they joined forces to establish the fitness business they were looking for, and The fitCene was born.



Ashley Tobias is a Broadway theatre professional, a backup singer for multi-platinum artists and the Founder and CEO of Be True To You, her pop/rock anti-bullying assembly program for kids.  Growing up as an adopted, multi-racial child helped shape Ashley’s passion for inspiring confidence and acceptance in other children.



These guests are a few examples of women and minorities who are following their passion and thriving.  While The BOOST Podcast isn’t limited to stories that feature women and minorities, given all that is going on in the country right now, I thought it was especially important to showcase these stories.  I hope you enjoy them and please share your thoughts in the comments.