Top 10 Ways I Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Arianna Huffington speak about her latest book The Sleep Revolution.  In her book, she outlines how the current sleep crisis and a lack of sleep (40% of Americans are sleep-deprived)[1] can have negative impacts on our work and social lives.  She also offers numerous strategies to “master” sleep and reach our ultimate restorative potential, recognizing that mastering sleep is such a personal, idiosyncratic journey.

Despite running my own business and being a pretty high-strung individual, I happen to be really good at sleeping – I can fall asleep almost anywhere and can sleep through just about anything.  So I wanted to share my top 10 strategies, in no particular order, for getting a good night’s sleep/falling asleep.

1.     Exercise during the day (I prefer SoulCycle or long walks with my dog)

2.     Watch TV before bed (Arianna wouldn’t approve but it works for me!) 

3.     Catch up on the day’s headlines in bed (I recommend NextDraft)

4.     Avoid alcohol

5.     Don’t eat large meals close to bedtime

6.     Meditate (I like apps such as Simply Being or Headspace)

7.     Keep a To Do list and live by it each day (completing tasks helps relax me)

8.     Snuggle with my dog Harley

9.     Create a cozy bedroom (for me, that’s lot of pillows, a cool temperature and total darkness)

10. Count backwards in 3s from 100 (it’s more tiring than counting sheep)

What do you do to ensure you sleep well?

[1] Gallup