The 7 Day Boot Camp: Unlock Your Inner Badass :: Digital Course  

Portable, Powerful Practices For The Professional Woman On The Go 

This 7 Day Boot Camp will equip you with actionable strategies to re-ignite your career QUICKLY without a huge time investment.  Through this digital Boot Camp, you will learn how to apply the habits, behaviors and mindsets of badass professional women, giving you the clarity and confidence to reboot and recharge your career.

If you're looking to jump start your career and leave behind the limiting beliefs, habits and behaviors that are holding you back, then this Boot Camp is for you.  



This is for the professional woman who:

  • Has the skills, experience and expertise to kick ass, but is still falling short of her career goals
  • Knows she was made for more
  • Won't settle for the status quo
  • Desires to find that edge to propel her career forward with ease and visibility
  • Is ready to flip the script and command the promotion, raise and respect she deserves
  • Wants to turn off limiting beliefs, behaviors and habits and leave them in the past


  • Introductory Video Training 
  • 7 Audio Trainings (perfect for listening on the go)
  • Daily Real-World Exercises & Assignments


Each day, you'll receive an email with the day's training and workbook exercises.  Each training and workbook exercise will focus on a specific behavior or habit that badass professional women DON'T do, as well as the exemplary acts they DO practice.  We then look at how you can apply these same practices to your own career, right now. 

On average, most women spend 30-60 minutes per day on each module (including the audio training and exercises).  You don't need to complete all the exercises in 7 days; if life gets in the way, you can always take some extra time to complete the course.   

  • Module 1: Don't Put Your Head Down and Work Harder
  • Module 2: Don't Compare Yourself
  • Module 3: Don't Say Yes
  • Module 4: Don't Accept the Hand You're Dealt
  • Module 5: Don't Feel Guilty
  • Module 6: Don't Be a Tough Guy
  • Module 7: Don't Pull All Nighters


  • Deep understanding of the 7 things badass professional women don't do
  • Strategies to implement immediately to get noticed and be taken seriously
  • A clear vision of your "Talent Stack," what you bring to the table and renewed confidence
  • Identification of the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back and keeping you stuck
  • Defined personal and professional boundaries to guide your decision-making
  • Greater clarity around what you really want in your career
  • Reduced guilt
  • Improved communication and self-promotion skills


There are so many reasons why you can benefit from being more of a badass!

  • Become more of who you already are
  • Amplify your talents, personal attributes and competencies and promote them in a way that feels authentic
  • Do YOU, feel good about it and get rewarded for it
  • Banish excuses, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors for good
  • Allow work to be easier by focusing on strategic, high-value activities
  • Know what you will and won't accept
  • Believe you deserve what you want and feel empowered to go after it
  • Communicate assertively without being tough
  • Sleep better at night (seriously!)


"Before the Boot Camp, I was feeling a bit lost and stuck in my career and not sure what my next step should be. After the Boot Camp, I felt that I had more clarity on why I may be stuck and lost in my career. Following the 1:1 coaching session with Elena, I felt energized, hopeful, and in control of whatever comes next.  That session was extremely effective in helping me unpack what was making me feel stuck. 

The biggest outcome of the Boot Camp for me was clarity.  Going through each day of the program, listening to the audio training and doing the exercises allowed me to do a lot of reflection, which gave me more direction. 

I absolutely recommend this Boot Camp! If you're thinking about coaching, or just needs a little push toward it, the Boot Camp is a great starting point. It allows you to work at your own pace and begin the process, and the 1:1 session provides more insight into what coaching with Elena would be like." 

— Maggie W.

  Maggie W.

Maggie W.


"In general, before the Boot Camp, I felt pretty good about my career trajectory, but was I overwhelmed in a new role and having a hard time setting priorities and executing on my goals.

Elena's badass Boot Camp helped me to frame my challenges from a personal values perspective and determine what leadership strategies and styles would work best for me as an individual.

Elena helped me think about my Talent Stack and how to utilize those assets in my career environment. After completing the Boot Camp, I was armed with some concrete strategies for communication, organization and time management that I have put into practice. 

One of the key takeaways that I experienced was renewed confidence in myself and my abilities. Reflecting on my situation and challenges alongside of my own introspection, and then organizing my thoughts aloud with a coach helped me feel like everything I was dealing with was manageable. I remembered why I was recruited for this job and what value I could add to the team.

Elena is a strong coach because she asks probing questions and challenges you when you need to dig a little deeper or maybe consider other factors. Elena was very prepared for our session and really focused on customizing it to what I thought was most valuable to discuss."

— Martha Jane Z.

  Martha jane z.

Martha jane z.



Unlock your inner badass today! I've made this Boot Camp available to EVERYONE who wants to conquer their limiting beliefs, mindset and habits.  Just PAY WHAT YOU CAN to get started NOW!  

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